My very first video! Woo Hoo!!
It's a bit shaky but will improve with a better tri-pod. Going shopping tomorrow!

How this all started

How did I get into card making and scrap booking?
I was very good at organizing my photos, keeping ticket stubs, postcards from trips, etc and hand writing little notes in the space where another picture should be.
I have been a card maker for many years, ever since the purchase of my first home computer. My first printing was on white paper,, cut and glued to card stock or folded into fourths using only black ink. Then came the two colors, red and black but not much changed. Then came along Windows and Print Shop AND Ink Jet printers! Was sure I had died and gone to heaven.
Fast forward several years.....
One day my daughter asked me why I didn't scrap book. I told her I was not going to cut up my original pictures nor was I going to apply glue or tape to them. That very year for Christmas, my children blessed me with photo printer that has a flat bed scanner. Now I was able to cut and glue to my hearts content! Then one day there was this thing on an infomercial called a Cricut. I wanted one sooooo bad. The year the Expression was introduced, my wonderful nephew convinced his parents I needed one and bless their hearts, they agreed.
The rest of my story is in the pictures and videos I am sharing with you today!

By the way, I LOVE GADGETS. If you have extras, send them my way. If you want to know how something works, ask me. If you are an inventor and need someone to try them out, I am the woman for you!

Wishing you a very happy day of fun, relaxation and crafting!!